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Cruisin' Down Memory Lane

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Club Member Stories about your first car, or cars you wish you still had.

Dwayne & Sharon Caldwell: It was Giessen Germany about an hour's drive from Frankfort. Dwayne was in the US Army from 1967-1969.He either paid $100 or $200 for the car and I think he sold it for $100 after we drove it all over Germany and Austria to different castles. We really put the miles on that VW driving on the autobahns. No speed limits on the autobahn. Our oldest son was 6 months to 2 years old at the time we were in Germany and no seat belts in the car.
Dwayne Caldwell: Dwayne's first cars... He was 4 years old.
Dwayne Caldwell: Dwayne's black '56 Chevy he had in high school, 2 door hardtop, 283 4 barrel power pack heads, 411 rear end, padded dash. This was 1965 when Dwayne and Sharon were going together. He kept the car until 1966 when he drove it to Aberdeen, Maryland (AIT) from Tulsa with 3 other army buddies. The car needed a lot of work after he drove it there and he didn't have the money to get it fixed only making $40 a month at the time (army pay) so he sold the car for around $100 to a junk yard. He wishes he had that car now!
Richard & Pam Hodges:  First new car after marriage, 1966 Pontiac bought new off show room floor.
Richard & Pam Hodges: 1926 Model T Bucket -Chevy powered guess who’s in drivers seat
Richard & Pam Hodges: 1955 International Truck, Chevy powered...Built it with one of my long time friends, put many hours of work into it, had it along time...Until the kid (Brian) got a hold of it in High School and wrapped it around a Tree! Oh well, it was big enough and they don't make them like that anymore, it had enough "real metal" to save his life!
Brian Hodges: My first car was a 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint bought while in High school, it was a classic story of "listen to what dads tells you"...and of course I didn't!

The car ran great when I drove it into "Dads" garage, it even had paint and was "all there", so the first thing I did was tear it apart, sand blast it, and use the weapon of destruction in the first picture--a cut off wheel! I tubbed it, shaved it, slammed it, primered it, and of course "I could put it back together" and make a "show car" out of it...

The 3rd picture is as fast as the thing ever went after I had to grow up and raise a family... I was making the VROOM noises in the car...with no engine in it!

The car still sits in Dad's garage... oh well next time I'll listen...

Any one know one of the guys over at Overhaulin'... ha ha

Dick McGuire 1940 Ford Dick McGuire: 1940 Ford Standard, 17years old. Paid $150 for the car!!! He saw the car while on a paper route and kept asking about it…and was told it had mechanical problems. The lady that had it finally let it go to Dick’s Dad, and it was given to Dick as a surprise seventeenth birthday gift. The “Mechanical Problems” turned out to be a simple hole in the radiator and was fixed right up with a can of stop leak!

Roger Whiteside: I am in the USAF IN 1950 STANDING BY my new 1950
Plymouth. The next picture I am in my classic 1950 Plymouth in 2010.

Douglas Harris: My Bicyle!
Douglas Harris: Cushman Scooter, wish I still had it!!
Douglas Harris: Honda Dream 100!
Douglas Harris: First Car- 1965 Mustang!
Douglas Harris: 1967 Mustang!
Douglas Harris: 1971 Mach 1 Mustang!
Dalton Harris: First Ride- Route 66 Cruisers Pedal Car!
Gary Schwendemann: I started my 1927 T by paying $20.00 for the body and a 28 A frame. Then for $500 I bought a wrecked in the rear 67 custom 500. I pulled the 289, C-4 and 9 inch out plus everything else I thought I could use and sold the rest to the junk yard for $150. Dad found a cross-ram from a 413 Chrysler Hemi and made adapters for it to fit the 289. Talk about wild! Each carb was out by the front tires. I really never finished my car, as with dads passing I ended up selling my car to my cousin. He took off the cross-ram, put on a 2 barrel and got the T running. He kept the car for 10 years, driving it 700 miles and called my mom saying he was going to sell it and gave us first chance. Mom called me while I was in Louisiana working in the oil field and said the T was for sale for $2500. I didn't think I needed it as I really didn't have a place to keep it. She said, “Too bad. Come get it and you owe me $2500.” The best thing I ever did. I have had it ever since.




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