ROUTE 66 CAR CLUB MEETING October 4th, 2015 Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.

 The Route 66 car club meeting was called to order by President Dwayne
Caldwell At 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said and Jerry Henry said a prayer.

The Secretary’s report was read and approved as read

The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Dwayne asked Jerry Henry how much was given to the donation jar on Friday night at the Totem Pole. He said $168.00 was collected. Dwayne thanked Jerry and said that he did a very good job.

Dwayne said that the IRS gave us a status of an INC.

Dwayne introduced guests named Dan and Kathy Columbia. They have a 61 Bellaire and several other cars.

The traffic counter that we had at the lake counted 2547 cars.

Dwayne talked about the responsibility of being a member of this club.

He told us that we had 421 (new) likes on Facebook. (1,923 total)

He knows about a peddle and will tell us more next month.

There was a discussion on who reads their e-mails.

Dwayne talked about the responsibility of being a member of this club and about the responsibility of the committees on the car show.

There was a lot of goodcomments about the sound system.

Next year the 4H kids will help at the car show.

Dwayne thanked all the Volunteers that worked the car show and the swap meet. He said that next year the EXPO will let us use their Port-a-Potties.

Dwayne wants the judges to meet on October 7th at 6:00 pm at the Pizza Hut.

Discussion on charging a $5.00 preregistration fee for the Christmas Party. It will be voted on next meeting.

Pam Hodges said that she will send out thank you cards for the Silent Auction Items.

Ken Metzinger talked about the toy run and will have boxes and flyers.

The Veterans Parade will be November 11th at 11 pm. Come in on DuPont and meet at the V F W at 9:30 am.

Discussion on the By-laws and a discussion on what catering company to use for the Christmas Party. Will vote on it next meeting.

Jerry Henry moved to adjourn.