ROUTE 66 CAR CLUB MEETING November 1, 2015 Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.

 The Route 66 car club meeting was called to order by President Dwayne
Caldwell At 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said and Jerry Henry said a prayer.

The Secretary’s report was read and approved as read.

The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Dwayne Caldwell opened the floor for nominations: Jerry Henry nominated Dwayne Caldwell for the office of President, there being no other nominations, he was elected by acclamation.

The floor was opened for the office of Vice-President: Ken Metzinger nominated Jerry Henry, Dick McGuire nominated Richard Hodges, nominations were closed for the office .

The floor was opened for the office of Treasurer; Ken Metzinger nominated Dick McGuire for the office, there being no other nomination, He was elected by acclamation.

The floor was opened for the office of Secretary: Sharon Caldwell nominated Debbi Bennett, there being no other nominations, she was elected by acclamation.

Dwayne Caldwell closed the elections.

Dwayne Caldwell said that we need to have a Fidelity Bond. Dick McGuire told us about It. Dwayne said that the Executive board will get it taken care of.

We have a new PO Box address so that the flyers will have the same address each year.

Dwayne said that we need Quicken Book for the Treasurer. The cost will be $105.00.

A discussion on buying a lap top for club, will vote on it next meeting.

Sharon Caldwell will take care of the new membership list.

A motions was made to charge $5.00 for all members who are going to the Christmas Party. It carried.

The party will be Dec 12th at 6:00 pm. The food will be from the Dutch Pantry. We will have Dirty Santa, the cost of gift around $20.00.

The Decorating committee will be Pam Hodges, Sharon Caldwell, Barbara Kelsey, Marilyn Haddock and Jerry Henry.

The dead line for letting Sharon know is Nov 25th. (now extended to Dec. 6th)

Dwayne said that the meeting at Pizza Hut to discuss improvements for the car show, more club parties, give out the goody bags at Ne Mar for the car show, our own 50/50, Pat White will do it at both Ne Mar and car show. Walky Talkies, stickers for the vendors. Get more Swap Meet banners, instead of money will give gift cards from sponsors.

Will have at least four golf cart at the car show. Need a Treasurers assistant at the Car show to help out with the registration and the money bags.

Dick McGuire suggested that we get software about judges.

Star Birds are saving us 24 spots Entry fee will be $40.00.

Club is working on new stanchions.

If there is anything that you need to change in the year book, let Sharon Caldwell know.

on Nov 4th Bill Holden will be at the Will Rogers Downs. On Nov 5th he will be at the Hard Rock – Cabin Creek.

December 12th Catoosa has a Christmas Parade. Need to fill out a form for that.

Sharon Coldren found a peddle car on Tuesday Morning. There is one at Atwoods.

Dwayne announced that John McDonald passed away, his Service of Celebration will be Nov. 13th at the Claremore Community Center, 6 pm to 9 pm. If weather is nice they would like us to bring our cars.

Discussion on a Trailer for all the car club things.

Richard, Pam, Denny and Leona went on a tour in eastern Oklahoma (Route 66 Motor Tour). They plan to do it again next year. They were gone two weeks.

Scott Youtsey will have prices on Hats and shirts.

Ken Metzinger will have the toy run on Saturday Nov.7th starting at 9:00 am.

Jerry Henry moved to buy the peddle car from Tuesday Morning if they still have it. Seconded and passed.

Talked about the Veterans Day parade. Will meet at the VFW.

The next meeting will be on Dec 6th.

James White moved to adjourn at 6:00 pm.