ROUTE 66 CAR CLUB MEETING November 6, 2016 Debbi Bennett Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.

Route 66 Cruiser Meeting Minutes

Pizza Hut, November 6, 2016

Dwayne Caldwell called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  Jerry Henry led the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer.

Debbi Bennett read the minutes.  A motion to accept as read was made by Jerry Henry and seconded by James Rigler. No one opposed and the motion was accepted.  

The Treasurer’s report was given by Debbi Bennett.  A motion to accept as was made by Jerry Henry and seconded by James Rigler.  No one opposed and the motion was accepted.  

Rob Barr introduced visitors Kevin and Gay Cowles.

Old Business

Dwayne called for Nominations for Officers.  Nominations are:

·         President – Dwayne Caldwell

·         Vice President – Paul Richards

·         Secretary – Debbi Bennett

·         Treasurer – Anita Moorehead

·         Sergeant of Arms – Jerry Henry

Nominations were closed and since there is no opposition the nominations will be the new officers.

At the last Officers meeting the following recommendations for the donations from the car show are:

·         $   XXXX           Totem Pole

·         $   XXXX            Thunder Birds

·         $   XXXX Rogers County Youth Services

·         $   XXXX Shiners (XXXX Stocking Fund, XXXX Transportation Fund)

·         $   XXXX Cub Scout Troop

In addition a donation of $XXXX to Will Rogers Memorial was suggested, but concerns of the Memorial remaining in Claremore was discussed. A motion was made by Jim White to discuss with Tad Jones before decision is made, seconded by Ken Metzinger. Motion carried and Dwayne will contact Tad.

We also had interest in the following recommendations for the future: Little Lighthouse, Jeremiah’s Outreach Ministry, scholarship at RSU.

Jim White motioned to accept the officer’s recommendations, Ken Metzinger seconded and the motion carried.

We had 33 cars at the toy run.  Ken Mitzinger will continue to pick up the presents at the drop off spots. It was a good cruise.


New Business

BOD Insurance needed for Officer’s protection from law suits this will enable us to maintain and get new officers.  This insurance is recommended for all 401C. Dwayne is checking costs, they range from $XXXX (Hagerty) to $XXXX.  This will cover $XXXX.  Brenda Metzinger motioned to purchase the Hagerty insurance, James Rigler seconded.  We will vote on this at the next meeting.

There was also a motion by Marshall Farr and seconded by Caroline Holden to reimburse the Caldwells the cost of their current law suit. We will continue this discussion with a possible vote next month.

Veterans Parade will be Friday, November 11 at 11:11 a.m. Our number is 30. Be at the VFW at 10:00.

There was a discussion on how to identify our club during parades.  Dwayne will check on the cling on type of signs for purchase. We do have banners that we could use. 

Verdigris Christmas Parade will be December 10th as well as the Catoosa’s.

The Barrs are providing their truck for us to use as our float for the Claremore Christmas parade on December 10th.  We will be decorating the truck on Monday, December 5th at the Barr’s home on Holiday Lane.

The Christmas party will be on Friday, December 9th, 6:00 p.m. at the Senior Citizen Center. The cost is $5 per person, we will be collecting at the next meeting. 

Paul Kelsey thanked the Car Club on behalf of the 1300 kids who benefit from the Shiners efforts. 

The check to the Shiners will be presented at their December 8th meeting and dinner.

Next meeting will be December 4th.

Dwayne thanked Richard Hodges for his service and efforts as Vice President. 

Jerry Henry motioned to adjourn, Jim White seconded and the motion carried.