June 5th, 2016 Debbi Bennett Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.

Route 66 Cruiser Meeting Minutes

Pizza Hut, June 5, 2016

Dwayne Caldwell called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  Jerry Henry led the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer.

The minutes from the last meeting were read.  A motion to accept as read was made by Nick Carter and seconded by Art Fenrich.  No one opposed and the motion was accepted.

The Treasurerís report was read. A motion to accept as read was made by Nick Carter and seconded by Chris Christmann.  No one opposed and the motion was accepted.   

Old Business

Last month a motion was made by Delbert Tygart to use the donated SouthWest Airline tickets as a grand prize drawing for car show participants only.  Dwayne called for a vote and the motion passed.

Congratulations to Pam and Richard Hodges on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. 

Denny Rhett told the group that the trip to Pontiac Cruise was a great success.  They were recognized by the mayor and he delivered a first class tour of the city for the group.  They also received a plaque to commemorate the trip. 

Picnic turnout was lower than expected but it was great food and a good time.  Due to the expenses, we will evaluate next year to see if there is still a desire to continue the picnic.

Need help to pass out our flyers at other car shows. 

We also need items for the silent auction. 

Patriot Show was good.  Jim and Pat White won a TV. 

New Business

The Board decided the Car Show pre show participants will receive two tickets per entry and the day of the show each entry will receive one ticket.  All participants will be able to purchase additional tickets for $5 each. 

We only have three more meetings before the car show.  There is still a lot of work ahead.  There will be a car show meeting Thursday, June 9th 6:00 here at the Pizza Hut. 

Debbi Bennett to contact stores at the NeMar shopping center for Silent Auction items.

Carrie Taylor reported that ten girls signed up for the PinUp Girl Contest.

The craft vendors need to have a sticker or something to show that they have paid their entry fees. We could use additional help with the craft vendors.

The 50/50 tickets will be sold at the NeMar Center Cruise In each month.  Members not eligible.

Cruise ideas Ė Crosby Catfish at Grand Lake in July, Lee Drummondís new restaurant in August, Train ride from OKC to Fort Worth later in the year or a trip to Coffeeville.

Check the website for Bill Holdenís schedule.

Taco Tuesday will be June 14th at 5:00.

Jerry mentioned that Boy Scouts troupe #88 will present colors at the car show.

Sharon Coldren introduced her sister Carol who is visiting from California.

Delma Rhett will write thank you notes for the Pontiac Cruise.

Jerry Henry made a motion to adjourn, Nick Carter seconded, the motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 6:00.