ROUTE 66 CAR CLUB MEETING June 7th, 2015 Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.

The Route 66 car club meeting was called to order by President Dwayne
Caldwell At 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs.

The National Anthem was said and Jerry Henry said a prayer.

The Secretary’s report was read and approved as amended.
The Treasurer’s report was approved as read.

Dwayne announced that it was an executive decision to cancel the picnic
because of the weather. The picnic will be made up some other time and it may not be at the lake.

Dwayne said that the car show will need more Judges and Parkers.

He announced that Denny Coldren is in the VA hospital.

Dwayne and Sharon talked to Liz Huckelby who is in charge of the Pin Up
Girls. She will do all the work as in recruiting the girls and limiting to just 15 girls.
She will get the judges too. No money will come from the club for the winners.

Richard Hodges would like to buy three heavy fold up tables. He said that
we would use them at the car show, swap meet and any outdoor event. It will be way
under the limit that the Board can spend with out the vote of the club.

Jason Farleys Cruise turned out good and got a lot of donations. There was
a few that went to Sperry, and several to listen to Bill Holden and some went to
Tulsa. Dwayne said that we were well represented. He reminded everyone to pass out fliers.

Next weekend there will be a car show at Collinsville early.

On Fathers Day the Hemingway Motors will have an event and need a few
volunteers. It will be from 11:00 am to 4:00pm. It will be at the Expo Center.

Several went to the National Food network event and it will be on TV
August 23rd .

The Will Rogers Downs will have their big fireworks display June 27th at
5:00 pm.

June 20th there is the Big Cast Noodling contest. They would like some
cars there.

July 19th there will be a benefit for Jason Farley at 1:00 pm.

Carolyn Holden announced that Bill Holden will be at the casino on June 17th.
Dwayne announced that Scott Youtsey can get patches made of our emblem for
hats shirts and jackets.

He thanked Dick McGuire for representing the club at the Blue Dome in Tulsa.

Dwayne announced that the car club is now officially 501C-7.

Richard Hodges stated the he has flies and wants us to pass the out.

There will be a car show meeting at the Pizza Hut Thursday the 11th at
6:00 pm.

Jerry Henry talked to Bert the activity chairman at the VA hospital and he
would like the car club to came and let the Vets see the cars.

Dwayne asked the ladies if they could see if the beauty shops that they go
to would make baskets for our silent auction and little bags for the Pinup Girls.
He said that we need things for the goody bags.

He announced that Raymond Hinds who everyone knew had pass away.

Paul Kelsey announced that there will be a Rat Rod Show in Grove, on July
the 8th, but the flyers got wet, so Dwayne said that he will look into it.

Carolyn Holden brought up the idea about a full salad bar instead of the
meals that they serve now.

There was a discussion and Dwayne will run it over with Ronda and
see what can be done.

Jerry Henry move to adjourned.