April 2,  2017 - Debbi Bennett Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.


Route 66 Cruiser Meeting Minutes

Pizza Hut April 2, 2017

Dwayne Caldwell called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.  Jerry Henry led the Pledge of Allegiance and opening prayer.

The Treasurer’s report was given by Anita Moorehead.  A motion to accept as was made by Jim White and seconded by Jerry Henry.  No one opposed and the motion was accepted.

Debbi Bennett read the minutes.  A motion to accept as read was made by Jerry Henry and seconded by Gary Raach.  No one opposed and the motion was accepted.  

Old Business

The lawsuit against Dwayne and Sharon Caldwell has been dismissed.  There is a motion from the November 2016 meeting by Marshall Farr to reimburse the Caldwells for their expense regarding the lawsuit.  After a discussion the Caldwells excused themselves from the meeting.  The Vice President Paul Richards continued the meeting.  After deliberations regarding our 501C, Sponsors and treasury concerns a vote was taken by ballot of all members present.  The majority of the votes were against the club paying the expenses.

New Business

There are 500 raffle tickets available for the Southwest Airline tickets.  Each ticket is numbered and must be checked out for accountability.  The cost is $5 a ticket or 5 tickets for $20. Please see Sharon for tickets. Members are able to purchase tickets.

Chris Christmann reported that there was a good turnout for the Justice Tiawa School benefit car show.

New badge holders have been ordered.  If you need a badge see Sharon Caldwell. 

Registration volunteers needed due to the new computer package we would like to use. Caroline Holden volunteered.  We will need a meeting prior to the show to get familiar with the program. 

Leona Willliams volunteered to sell T-shirts. 

Hodges Computers will be closing on June 1st. Jerry Henry thanked Richard for letting us use the store for meetings, displaying our plaques and trophies and letting us store things there.  We are in need of somewhere to store our sound system.  Please contact Dwayne if you are able to store it or have suggestions.  Dewayne said that Brian Hodges has agreed to continue to be our “web master and guru”. 

Dwayne asked if we want to continue with the “Silent Auction” this year.  If so, we need forms. We do have vendor forms available for the Arts and Crafts and Food Vendors.  Barbara Kelsey and Sharon Coldren are in charge of the vendors. 

City Council Vote is April 4th

Dwayne attended the Claremore City Events Committee meeting to secure Claremore Lake venue for the Car Show.  We have paid for necessary fees and should get clean up fee returned when the show is over and we clean up the area.

Paul Richards updated information on the calendars.  Cost should be less than $400.  We will supply the photos.  He plans to have photo shoot at the Pot Luck.

Pot Luck is April 30th at 2:00.  Watch email from Sharon Caldwell for address.

We will participate in Taco Tuesdays the first Tuesday of every month at El Banquet at 5:00 p.m.  On the Third Wednesday we will eat at El Magueys at 6:00.  Our Cruise Ins will be the first Friday of each month at 5:00 p.m.

Please check our web page and Face Book for upcoming car shows.

Next meeting will be May 7th.

Jerry Henry motioned to adjourn and Mike Bennett seconded.  The motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 6:25 p.m.