Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Carolyn Holden Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
December 2, 2013

Dwayne called the meeting to order at 5:00 pm

Kay read the treasury report, approved as read.

Carolyn read the minutes for November, approved as read.

A motion on the floor to start elections. Jerry Henry ask to make a duel motion, he made a motion
that Dwayne Caldwell be made car show Chairman, motion on both issues seconded and passed.

Jerry Henry introduced himself and said he had been vice president 2 times before and as always
he would hard for the club.

Terry Haddock introduced himself and said he has been a member of the club for 5 years and would
do his very best if elected.

The Christmas party is December 21st and everyone needs to sign up. As per vote if you sign up
and do not show up, you must reimburse the club for your dinner.

Cruise to Wild Country Meets December 14th. Email Sharon Caldwell if you are attending.
In Hominy and they have the Drummond House we can tour. Leave around 12:00pm.
This is same day as the Christmas Parade in Claremore. Kay will e-mail information about the cruise. (note canceled)

Ford Motor Company, Mustang cruise is April, 2014. There website is for
more information on the event.

Terry was elected vice president.

Tonya from the Claremore, Better Business Bureau contacted Dwayne to setup the article about our
car show and swap meet. This information will be on there promotional materials and on their web site.

E-mails may be going to your spam folders if you are not getting them.

Ted suggested we think about getting a committee for t-shirts and trophies.

The winners for 2013 were told their cars will be on the shirts so we should honor that this time
and maybe do something different next time.

Motion was made to use someone new for the art work, he can do caricatures on the t-shirts.
Table it till next year. Motion withdrew.

Motion on the floor to hire the Bill Holden Show for 2014 car show, seconded and passed.
We have a weeks notice time to cancel due to weather.

Dwayne, spoke about the Best of the Best for next years show. It was tabled till next year.

Bylaws state we must have a audit when changing the treasurer. We will use a audit committee to
due the audit. Volunteers, Paul Kelsey, Maryland Haddock, Sharon Caldron, Kay Meacheam and
Nelda Conger. Motion was made to keep audit internal, seconded, passed.

Dwayne thanked us for allowing him to serve three years as our president.

Paul Kelsey suggested our donation to the Shriners for this year be the same as last year.
Paul said we are all in it for the kids. Motion was made on Paul's suggestion, seconded, passed.
Paul invited all of us to the Shriners Christmas Party at the Event Center 31st & Memorial.

Date for audit to be completed is December 28, 2013.

Motion to close at 5:58pm, seconded, passed.