Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
November 2nd, 2014

The Route 66 Cruisers Car Club meeting was called to order by President Ted Hancock
at 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs. He asked us to stand and say the pledge of
allegiance to the flag. Jerry Henry asked us to remain standing and he said a short prayer.

President Ted Hancock asked for any new members. Billie Noblitt, from Claremore stood
up and introduced himself and said that he wants to join the club and he has several cars.

Denny Rhett asked to speak. He thanked everyone for their calls and concerns. He recognized
Ed Meacham and Dwayne Caldwell for all their help and presented them with gifts.

Treasurer Nelda Conger read the Treasurers report and it was approved as read.
Secretary Barbara Kelsey read the minutes of the previous meeting and it was approved
as read.

President Ted Hancock said that he didnít go to the Vinita car show because of bad weather.
One of the members said that there were 103 cars there.

Jerry Henry was asked to tell us about the picnic. He first told us that he went to the Boy
Scouts and presented them with the check for their help at our car show. He said that the
Picnic will be Saturday the 8th at the Totem Pole at noon. He will pick up the chicken and
everyone else will bring the side dishes. Secretary Barbara Kelsey passed out a sheet of paper
so that everyone could write what they would bring. President Ted Hancock said to bring
your own chairs and tables if you wanted to, and your own drinks.

Ted said that the fall tour was a success and asked Jim Cody to tell about it. Jim Cody said
that he enjoyed setting it up but would like for someone else to do it next year.

President Ted Hancock asked Ed Meacham to tell about the Toy Run. Ed said that there was
not as many cars this year but we will have enough toys for the children. He said that this
was his last year and that Randy Welerbach will help someone next year.

Richard Hodges reported about the car show meeting at the Pizza Hut. He said they decided
to cut some classes on the sheet for next years car show. There will not be many changes.

President Ted Hancock announced that the Route 66 Marathon at the Cox Convention Center
would like some of our cars there. It will be held on November 20th. Bring your cars during
the hours of 8 to 10am.

He asked Sharon Coldren if she had an announcement. She said that Bill Holden will be at
Cabin Creek on Tuesday November the 6th and here at Will Rogers Downs November 19th.

Richard Hodges announced that there were only ten cars to sign up for the Veterans Parade.
There were several members who did not know that there was a deadline. They will check
on it and see if it wasnít to late.
President Ted Hancock called for our Nominations for officers to begin.
He called for nominations for Treasurer. He nominated Maxine Watts. There being
no other nominations she was elected by acclamation.
He called for nominations for Secretary. There being no nominations he asked
Barbara Kelsey if she would take it again. She said that she would.
He called for nominations for Vice-President. Ed Meacham nominated Richard Hodges.
Ken Metzinger nominated Jerry Henry.
He called for nominations for President. Jerry Henry nominated Dwayne Caldwell.
Ed Meacham nominated Ted Hancock. President Ted Hancock closed the nominations.

He told us about the Christmas Party. It will be held on December 12th on a Friday. The
Country Cottage will cater it again. We will play dirty Santa too. Contact (Sharon Caldwell)
If you are going.

Jerry henry moved to adjourn.
There were 58 members present.

Note: Dec. 12th: Club Meeting Christmas Party! 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. Dinner will be paid by the club BUT YOU MUST SIGNUP. Sign up no later than Dec. 7th to attend so we will know how many to order food for. YOU MUST BE A CURRENT CLUB MEMBER!
The club will pay unless you sign up and don't attend- then you owe the club $13.50 plus tax per person. If you want to participate in the "Dirty Santa" bring a gift valued at $10.00 to $15.00. Men bring a man's gift, women bring a woman's gift. You do not have to participate. Please sign up by emailing or calling Sharon at 918-284-6027