Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Carolyn Holden Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
October 6, 2013

Dwayne Caldwell called the meeting to order at 5:02 pm

Kay Meacham read the treasury report. Motion to approve, seconded, club voted to approve.

Carolyn Holden read the minutes for September. Motion to approve, seconded, club voted to approve.

Dwayne said both of our events were successful, considering the weather conditions.
There were 101 cars at the show. Everyone worked very hard and that is why we were successful.

Paul Kelsey said the FFA kids came out to help. Dwayne said we will be giving them a plaque. A motion was made to give a cash donation also, seconded, club voted to approve.

Dwayne said the email that went out was for informational purposes only and not to inter-fer with anyone’s duties.

Dwayne suggested that we could use more help with vendors next year.

Dwayne suggested that we talk about having a fish fry or something else just to fellowship.
Will send something out via e-mail or web site.

Dwayne suggested we need a sign committee for next years events. The committee should decide where the signs should be placed. A list needs to be made where they are placed to help with the pick up.

Project truck – Ed gave us the tag & title today. Club event insurance is up for renewal.

Dwayne suggested we need a advertizing committee for events.

Question was asked about changing the date of the swap meet. Dwayne explained that swap meet vendors have a schedule of event dates they follow. If we change ours most of them will not be able to attend ours.

Project truck is at Shorty's house. Question was asked, should we finish it or sell it. Nelson got it running. No decision was made.

Dwayne suggested we add a new category to our awards next year. The Best of the Best award.

Project truck discussions came up again about selling it, it was suggested if we sell it we need to get at least what we have in it. Motion was made to sell it, seconded, club voted, approved by majority.
The truck is a 1981 Chevy.

Elections are coming up. Kay Meacham is resigning her position as treasurer. Question was asked,
which positions are elected. President – Vice President – Secretary.
A motion was made to make the treasury position a elected position also, seconded, club voted to approve.

10% discount will be given to our club members from Nitra Plate Co.

Toy Run Saturday October 26th. Leaving North Plaza Shopping Center at promptly at 9:00am.

Discussion on Christmas party. How to deal with clubs payment to caterer for no shows. Once you resister that you are coming and the food is ordered the club must pay regardless if we show up or not.
Discussion was tabled till next months meeting.

Roger spoke to us about the upcoming Will Rogers Parade. Saturday November 2nd. Larry Gatlin will be the parade marshall. There will be a chuck wagon and car show. 10Am – 12pm

Introduced new members the Brayton's. They have a 96 Lincoln Mach 8.

Jim asked anyone interested in a trip to Alaska contact him. Information will be e-mailed.

Meeting adjourned at 6:19pm