Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
October 5th, 2014

The Route 66 Cruisers Car Club meeting was called to order by President Ted Hancock
at 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs.

Treasurer Nelda Conger read the Treasurers report and it was approved as read.
Secretary Barbara Kelsey read the minutes of the previous meeting and it was approved
as read.

President Ted Hancock introduced two new members. Tom and Mitci Stanley and Chris
and Barbara Christman. And wished Paul Kelsey happy birthday.

President Ted Hancock said that everybody pat their backs for a good car show. He asked
Dwayne Caldwell to talk about the car show. He said that everybody worked hard.
The registration and the judging went very well. He thanked everyone who worked the
Silent auction.

He asked Paul Kelsey to talk about the toy run. Paul said that the toy run will be
November the 1st. Meet north of Claremore at the shopping center and the cars
Will leave at 9:00am sharp. Paul Kelsey thanked everyone who helped at the Swap
Meet. Paul asked Ed Meacham to tell about a car club member who had a heart
attack  while working on marking the spots for the swap meet. Ed said Denny Rhett is doing
well now. Ed Meacham said that he had contacted everyone who is in charge of
the towns that we will be going to. President Ted Hancock said that we have the best
car club and thanked everyone who worked this year.

President Ted Hancock asked Pat White to stand up. He said that she did a wonderful
Job selling chances on the Petal Car. She has the job every year if she wants it. Kathy
Mathews helped her.

Betsy McClendon thanked everyone that brought food to the cruise in on Friday night
before the car show.

Jerry Henry said that the Flag Ceremony by the Boy Scouts was very impressive. He
would like for the Scouts to do it every year. He said that the Totem Pole would like
for us to have our picnic there this year. Ted Hancock asked Jerry Henry to come up
with a date and we will work with it.

Paul Richards said that the Airplane that flew over right at the time the Boy Scouts
were presenting the flags was impressive too.

There was a discussion on the drone that we had at the car show. Some people liked
It and some people were worried about it falling. Overall they liked it.

Sharon Coldren announced that Bill Holden well be playing at the Hard Rock Casino
on the 16th of October, and at Cabin Creek on the 6th of November. She said that
there were 17 vendors and that they were all pleased with their location and  their
sales. President Ted Hancock said that the vendors were very happy.  He said that
we should make it a standard practice to give the Police department $150.00 for
give a ways. He thanked Paul Kelsey for giving several large trash bags of stuffed
toys to the Police department so they would have a toy for the kids at the show.

Jerry Henry announced that the Boy Scouts were so helpful and he moved to give
the Scouts $100.00, second, approved.

Delbert Tygart announced that the Pecan Festival had to change their day of the
28th of October to the 1st of November. He told them that we could not be there
Because of the toy run.

Ken Metzinger announced a car show in Vinita the 11th of October. Ed Meacham
would like some of our cars to go there.

Dwayne Caldwell would like the signs and safety vest to be turned in to Delbert

Jim Cody talked about the Fall Foliage Tour October the 29th and 30th. The dates
And all the information will be on the website and Sharon Caldwell will put the
Information on e-mail.

Dwayne Caldwell announced that there will be a car show meeting Thursday the
9th at the Pizza Hut at 6:20pm.

Jerry Henry moved to adjourn at 6:30 pm
There were 68 members present.