Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
August 3rd, 2014

The Route 66 car club meeting was called to order by President Ted Hancock
At 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs.

Nelda Conger read the Treasurers report and approved as read.

Barbara Kelsey read the minutes of the previous meeting and it was approved as read.
President Ted Hancock introduced Paula Whisenhunt. She has not been to a meeting
in a while. They have several cars.

President Ted Hancock announced that the club was looking into some new charities
for the club and introduced Chris Brill from Hope Harbor Childrens Home. He told us
that he has worked there several years. He told us about the home and passed out
a book with pictures of the home. He showed us a video on the home. Their purpose
is to reconcile and support families. The home was started in 1947 and that they were
85 percent successful in placing them back home. Ted Hancock said that it takes a very
special person to work with the kids.

Ted Hancock said that the Shrine Children will
still be our main charity. He said that we will wait until after the car show and the
swap meet to distribute the money.

President Ted Hancock said that several cars went to Baker Hughes and Jerry Henry
thanked the car club for coming and that there would not have been a car show if not
for the car club.

Betsy McClenton told about the food drive the last Friday night of last month. There
was not a lot of participation but it will improve each time.

President Ted Hancock asked Dwayne Caldwell to talk about the car show. Dwayne
Caldwell said that there was enough judges now and that the next meeting will be
August 13th at 6:30pm at the lake. He said that we will be filling the goody bags on
September the 17th and we need to get items for the silent auction.

Vice-President Terry Haddock is still working on the t-shirts.

Dwayne said that Paul Kelsey will take care of getting the Shriners Trophies for the car show.

Dwayne announced that Walgreens gave us 150 bottles of water.
Dwayne Caldwell will bring some other charities to look at at the next meeting.

President Ted Hancock said that to help the charities is to get out and show your

Jerry Henry got in contact with the Boy Scouts and they will be helping us at the
car show.

Sharon Coldren announced that Owasso High School will have a car show August
16th. She said that Bill Holden will be at the Hard Rock on August 14th and at Cabin
Creek August 20th.

Jerry Henry moved to adjourn at 6:30pm