Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
June 1st, 2014

The Route 66 Car Club meeting was called to order my President Ted Hancock
at 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs.

The Treasurers report was read by Treasurer Nelda Conger, approved as read.
The Secretary Barbara Kelsey read the minutes of the previous meeting and
they were approved as  read.

President Ted Hancock thanked Ed and Kay Meacham for opening their home
for the memorial service for David Nickerson. He also thanked Johnnie
Cutsinger, Russ Bickel,John Davis, Denny Coldren and others for frying
the fish. He thanked Claude McClendon for saying a prayer. Darlene
Nickerson thanked everyone for attending and for all their prayers.

President Ted Hancock announced that we have two new sponsors. Will Rogers
Downs and
Whataburger. He asked Dwayne Caldwell to tell about the Whataburger sponsor.

Dewayne said that they were giving us 150 bags, 150 coupons,
6 door prizes, 1000 coupons and for the silent auction 52 free
for a year. The Total is about $6000.00

President Ted Hancock asked Dwayne Caldwell to talk about the car show judges
Dwayne Caldwell said that there is a need for more judges and if you are
Contact Terry Haddock for the judging and there people who would help you
learn. He said that there will be about three meeting for the judges. He
also said that we need people for the registration booth. Contact him
or Ted Hancock to volunteer.

Dwayne went to a special event meeting and gave a registration sheet to Nelda
Conger to fill out for the car show it comes with a $100 fee. He said that
they didnít want vendors for people running for offices to hand out paper flyers
because of all the paper trash.

President Ted Hancock will be talking to Neely's at NeMar shopping center about
having monthly cruses there on Friday nights. He said that it would be a
lot of fun.
He and Brian Hodges will go see about it for the fourth Friday of each month.

He said that we need to talk about charities because we have enough money
for a few of them. Honor Flights was one of them. Paul Kelsey said that the
Shrine has enough this year so we could. Betsy McClendon told about her
Church that gives goods and clothes and sometimes a little money for utility
Bills. She said that some other churches give different goods. Her church is
at 715 S. Hy 58 in front of Faith Baptist Church.

Paul Kelsey announced that the Dune Buggie Unit of the Shrine will have
their annual fireworks stand south of the city starting around June 21st.

President Ted Hancock introduced Chris Hayes from the Claremore Fire
Department. Chris Hayes said that this is the third year for their car show
and he was sorry that it is on the same day as the Collinsville car show, but
he told us that the money that they raise goes to the Burn Camp located
between Pryor and Adair. He said that they could use judges and that they
would have a Poker Run. It would be on our web site.

Charles Wagnon stood up and told us about the Collinsville car show. Sharon
Coldren said that she has registration forms and that she could take your
Registration money now. She said that the car show committee would
place us together at the show if you tell them you are with Route 66.

President Ted Hancock recognized Ronda from Will Rogers Down. She
told about being one of our sponsors. She told us about the Lady Luck Fire
Works on Saturday June 21st. They would like for our cars to come and
participate and they will have a place setup for the car club. She asked
Paul Kelsey if he could get the Shriners mini cars to come too.

Ted Hancock announced that a car show will be a Parsons Kansas. It will
be on the web site.

He asked the people who were in a car show that
was put on a CD if they got the CD.

Dwayne Caldwell wants a car show meeting Jun 5th at 6.30 pm at the
Pizza Hut. They are going to get 150 t-shirts, Dwayne said that Ted said
that you could get any color that you want as long as its white. Dwayne
said that Jerry Henry is in charge of the t-shirts. He told about the
election coming up June 24th, he said that it was very important to
Rogers County.

President Ted Hancock introduced Gary Schwendemann who is with the
Tulsa Boys Hot Rod Camp. It will be all week long starting on Tuesday at
107 County line.

Sharon Coldren announced that Bill Holden will be here at Will Rogers
Downs Saturday June 7th from 5.30 to 7.00pm.

Paul Kelsey asked the car club to form a committee for our summer
Picnic. Jerry Henry offered to help.

Ed Meacham moved to adjourn