Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
May 4th, 2014

The Route 66 Car Club meeting was called to order by President Ted Hancock
at 5:00 pm at the Will Rogers Downs.

The Treasurers report was read by Treasurer Nelda Conger, approved as read.
The Secretary Barbara Kelsey read the minutes of the previous meeting and
they were approved as corrected. Barbara Kelsey asked Kay Meacham and
Nancy Davis to hand out the new membership book and a copy of our By-Laws.

President Ted Hancock announced that there will be a Memorial for David
Nickerson on Saturday May 17th at two pm. He asked Ed Meacham to tell about
It. Ed said that it would be at his house and that there will be a
Military ColorGuard and afterwards there will be a fish fry. He asked everyone to bring a
side dish and their lawn chairs. He asked the members to bring their cars and
they will be lined up. President Ted Hancock asked for a motion to buy the
fish. Dwayne Caldwell moved, seconded, adopted..

President Ted Hancock said that our membership is up and growing. He asked
the two newest members to introduce themselves. Randy Christen and Nathan
Myer just joined. A fairly new member Red Brungardt and his wife Beverly
Introduced themselves.

President Ted Hancock congratulated Denny and Delma Rhett on the Trophy
they won

Dwain Sullivan told about a cruise in at Skytook Thursday night. And a
car show Saturday May 31st at Safari Joe’s Hwy 69 Adair, Ok.

President Ted Hancock introduced Julie Ryder from Vintage Guide, a magazine
for seniors. They have three centers one is on 902 E. Pine, Tulsa, 5950 E
51st Tulsa and 3106 S. Juniper in Broken Arrow. They would like for the car
club to have a few cars at each one on Friday June 13th before Father’s day.

President Ted Hancock said that the Happy Hands Poker Run is on the 17th.
You might be able to go as it starts early that morning and be back for the

There is a Car Show at Muskogee on the 17th and the Cancer Walk
at Vinita from 8 to 11. They would like some cars to be there.

Ed Meacham announced that Darlene would like the car club wear their
t-shirts to the Memorial.

Ted Hancock introduced Wanda Shank from Wanda Tours. She had three
Priced tours for us to choose from. The cost is approximately $200.70,
$260.69, 380.38, per person, two nights and three days, and one or two
Shows and a dinner or two with shopping at the Outlet Mall. The bus holds
57 people. The trip will be in October sometime. She said that she would
work with us to make a package. Her number is 918-341-4253. She said
that we could combine other groups so that we could fill the bus. Sharon
Caldwell will sent out an e-mail on the trip.

President Ted Hancock wanted Jerry Henry to clear up his motion from
last meeting. There was a discussion on why it was put the way he did.
There was a discussion on the way the By-Laws was written about 2/3s
Majority. Jim Cody wanted the matter settled.

Dwain Sullivan said that we needed to work together and be careful what we say and do.
President Ted Hancock said that the purpose of the car club is to
Promote fellowship and the Classic Car movement and to participate
In all Classic Car events.

Sharon Coldren announced that Bill Holden will be here this Wednesday
May 7th, at 6:00pm to 10:00.

Dwayne Caldwell announced that Dick McGuire gave us a sound system.

We used it out at the cruise in at NeMar. He announced that there will
be a car show meeting at the Pizza Hut Thursday May 15th at 6.30pm.

Ronda Calhoun from the Will Rogers Down announced that there will be
a fireworks display on June 21 and they would like the car club to be
there with some cars. She will get back with us when things are all lined

There was another discussion on the way the By-Laws was stated, it
was determined that the 2/3 majority was for the members present.
Dick McGuire wants to set up a committee to review the By-Laws.
Randy Weierbach said that it would be good to go ahead and vote
now. President Ted Hancock appointed Betsy McClendon, Patricia
White, Cyndy Hancock and James Morrison to tally the ballots.

President Ted Hancock introduced a late guest speaker Ceasar Lattermer
Ceasar announced that his organization was having a Community Fair,
On Saturday June 21st. He announced that he wants a contest between
The Car Club and the Vet Set. If your club brings $500.00 in coins the
Club will get $500.00. He would like you to bring your cars because
the veterans love to see them. The event is from 10:00am to 3:00pm.
81st and Yale.

President Ted Hancock announced the results of the ballot. The Club
Membership Dues change of $15.00 for singles and $20.00 for couples
passed. The Officers Term Limits failed. The Officers Location failed.

He called of motion to adjourn. Nick Carter moved.