Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Meeting Minutes- Barbara Kelsey Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.
March 9th, 2014 (meeting was held second Sunday due to weather)

The Treasurers report was read by Barbara Kelsey and approved and the
Minutes of the previous meeting was read by Secretary Barbara Kelsey and

President Ted Hancock welcomed a new member named Ron Jones and his wife
Jim White introduced his mother-law as his wife’s sister.

President Ted Hancock said that there were five cars from our club that
was in the
Down Town Marathon and all five cars got an award.

Dwain Sullivan has 50 stancs for blocking traffic. President Ted Hancock
said that the club
would buy the stancs.

President Ted Hancock asked Sharon Caldwell to tell about going to
Chewies. She said that
the cruise will on the 26th and to leave Claremore from Atwoods at 2:00
pm. The other
car club members from other towns will meet at Chewies. Dwayne Caldwell
said that there
would not be any security there to watch your cars.

Dwayne Caldwell told about a car show last week and one car club member
won a trophy.

Dwayne Caldwell said the Ben Mitchell would not be doing the T-Shirts. He
showed a
paper that had a design on it for the T-Shirts. He said that it was up to
the club if they
wanted the design. The design should have the winners of the last car show
on them. will be higher. President Ted Hancock asked Ed Meacham if his son
Tray could do them or if
he knew one anyone else. The design that Dwayne Caldwell showed would be
on the
Trophies. The cost will be what the same as last time. President Ted
Hancock asked Dwayne
Caldwell to finalize it and let Richard know. Dwayne Caldwell said that
we would need about 150 goody bags. There are about six people who
collected last year. He said that there will
be two judges for the cars, Terry Haddock and Lyndyll Johnson. President
Ted Hancock
will look into getting another judge. Dwayne Caldwell said that we would
need about fifteen
yellow vests for the men who will be parking the cars. President Ted
Hancock will take care
of that. The cost of six large trophies was discussed and Dwayne Caldwell
will see about
them for sure. Dwayne Caldwell will talk to Jason about the Rat Rod and
that he said that
Jason will also paint the decals on the peddle car that needed to touched up.

NeMar will let us have a cruise anytime. Paul Kelsey said that he will not
do the Poker Run
next year if there were not any participation.

President Ted Hancock got an e-mail about a community fair in June.
Someone will come
and tell us about it. He thinks the man’s name is Ceasar Lettermer

President Ted Hancock brought up the subject of a Cruise in at Sonic.
Discussion and the club
decided to go to West side Sonic. The cruise in will be every Sunday at
4:00pm. He asked Dwayne Caldwell to check with NeMar and Sonic.

Dwayne Caldwell asked who was going to Dewy’s car show. He would like our
club members
who are going to pass out flyers. There will be several car shows and will
need about a
hundred and fifty each. There will be Swap meets that will need about
three hundred there.

Brian Hodges is updating the web site.

There is a new place in town that gives dance lessons. Close to Dot’s

Dwayne Caldwell called Kraft Tours about a trip to Branson. Cost is
$360.00 per person
for two nights and three days. The trip will be in October. They could
pick us up in
Claremore. He said to think about it, It would be a fun trip.

President Ted Hancock will go to the FFA meeting will be Tuesday the 11th
at six o’clock.

Jerry Henry made a motion. There was no second. Motion drop.

There was a discussion on insurance. It will be taken care of.

Motion to close at 6:30pm.