January 7, 2018 - Carolyn Holden Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Secretary.


Claremore Route 66 Cruisers

Club Minutes

January 7, 2018

The meeting was called to order by president Paul Kelsey at 5:06pm.

Sargent of Arms Jerry Henry lead the club members in the pledge of allegiance and a prayer.

Secretary Carolyn Holden read the minutes from November 5, 2017 meeting because there was no meeting held for December 2017. Minutes were approved as read. 1st by Jim White 2nd by Jerry Henry. Treasurer Sharon Coldren read the treasurerís report. Report was approved as read. 1st by Jerry Henry 2nd by Jim White.

Dewayne Caldwell asked who will be taking care of the Pay Pal account, discussion followed. The treasurer will take care of the account.

Paul Kelsey spoke to the club about his qualifications to be president of the club. Paul also said we have lost between 100 to 120 couples from the club in the past 3 years. He would like to try and get them back by doing more things as a club such as cruisers and cook outs. We need to buy some grills and propane tanks and other cook out items. Dwayne said he has a propane tank the club can have.

Paul stated that his agenda as the new president is to bring the club together. We need to have the Car Show, the Swap Meet and a Toy Run this year.

Paul suggested that we have a cookout for the Senior Citizens Center, possibly May 12, 2018 as a tentative date.

Jerry Henry made a motion to set aside 1000.00dollars for cookers for our cookouts. 2nd by Betsy McClendon

Discussion concerning Nov., 2017 motion by Jerry Henry for donation amounts to Shriners and American Legion.

Jerry Henry made a motion the amend original motion and re-motioned for new amount of 1500.00 dollars for each. Vote will be taken at next meeting.

Guest from American Legion Post 1, Kasey Rideout spoke to the club about their services for veterans. Kasey also asked us to have cruisers to the legion for dinners and events. Kasey left materials for joining the legion and thank us in advance for our donation to the legion.

Vice President Paul Richards brought the new calendars and discussed a 6.00-dollar price on them to break even, Calendars went on sale and several were sold. Paul said we would get more pictures and make another calendar if everyone wants to.

Paul Kelsey brought copies of the By-Laws and the 501 C for anyone that wants one.

Motion was made to adjourn by Jerry Henry 2nd by Edd Ott.

Meeting adjourned at 5:55pm.

Minutes recorded by: Secretary, Carolyn Holden

Note: ALL Club minutes presented are an EXACT copy of the minutes and are NOT altered.

Note: Nov. 2017 minutes were never presented to be included on club website.