The Route 66 Cruisers Car Club was formed in 2006 in Claremore, Oklahoma. A "guy with a Mercury" named Dwayne Caldwell helped to grow the club to almost 30 members within the first year. The name Route 66 Cruisers was voted on at the first meeting, it fit perfectly since Route 66 runs right thru Claremore. The first meeting was Oct. 1, 2006 and started out meeting at the garages of our members. The Route 66 Cruisers has almost 150 members now and we have outgrown many meeting places in Claremore- members garages, Boom-a-rang Diner, and Pizza Hut just to name a few. Our club started seven years ago with about six members and has finished this year (2019) with about 60 members. We accomplished this by working together and as long as we continue to work together it will only get better.

 One of the first events held by the newly formed Route 66 Cruisers was a Toy Run - only with cars! We thought "if a Toy Run can be done with motorcycles, why not cars" and that first Toy Run had 60 cars participate! The first Toy Run also marked the first time the club worked with the Akdar Shrine to donate the toys to the children in care of the Shriner's Hospitals.

 The Route 66 Cruisers first car show almost didn't happen, but Dwayne Caldwell, who is currently our club president, said "if this club is going to be a car club, then we need a car show!" In 2008 the first annual car show was held at Claremore's Will Rogers Downs and had a great turnout thanks to the hard work of a close knit group of members working to spread the word about the show. This year, 2016 will mark the 11th Annual Route 66 Cruisers Car Show and it is now held at Claremore Lake benefiting the Akdar Shrine Transportation Fund. We have been fortunate enough to raise over $10,000 in combination with our annual Claremore Swap Meet to benefit the Shriner's Kids. We have added live music at the show by Bill Holden & the Night Hawks, Arts & Crafts, and attract show cars from all across the United States. The Claremore Lake Car Show is now one of the biggest in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas and is known for being not only a great quality car show, but a fun event for the whole family as well.

 What started as an idea for a Claremore car club has grown strong since 2006, and each year we are blessed with new members, new friends throughout the world with our website and Facebook Page, and the support of a dedicated group of current members who not only enjoy cars, but the friendships they have made along the way.

 Current club president Dwayne Caldwell enjoys “the willingness of the members to participate in the club” and believes “we have the best car club in Oklahoma.” Dwayne is proud of the fact that the Route 66 Cruisers is such a large club and with the club’s growth he would like to see the club as one of the bigger contributors in this city for special events and bringing people to Claremore to fill up the hotels and make Claremore a tourism destination.

 When we think about the future of the Route 66 Cruisers Car Club “In the future we would like to improve on the events we have now, and we would like to start going on more cruises and more fun things for the club members to participate in.”  What makes us the proudest is being involved in raising funds to transport the children to and from the Shriner's Hospitals and hearing some of the success stories of their treatment. Also, seeing how happy the children are at Christmas time when they receive the toys our toy runs have provided. We wish all of our members could attend one of these functions where the children are present. It really makes you feel like our club has accomplished something.

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October 2006- Route 66 Cruisers Car Club officially formed.

Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Presidents:
2006-2007 James Pennick
2008-2009 Bill Flint
2010-2013 Dwayne Caldwell
2014 Ted Hancock
2015-2017 Dwayne Caldwell
2018- Paul Kelsey
2019- Terry Haddock


Swap Meets:
2008- 1st Annual swap meet - at Will Rogers Casino
2009- 2nd Annual swap meet - at Will Rogers Casino
2010-2014 Swap Meets at Claremore Will Rogers Rodeo Grounds
2015 Swap Meet at Claremore Will Rogers Rodeo Grounds


Previous Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Logo (used until 2010):

Current Route 66 Cruisers Car Club Logo (Designed by Scott Youtsey):